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Your university examination results of January 2014 are very impressive. Do you think you can produce similar good results in the future also?

We had quite a good number of poor ranking students in 2013-14 batch. It was a real challenge making them perform well. We took up the challenge and succeeded. All students of Computer Science and Electronics passed with First class / Distinction. Since our results are excellent at University level, we expect highly merited students to join ADARSHA from now on. So we are confident of maintaining very good results in the future also.

What was the cutoff rank under CET in 2013?

In 2013, students with more than 30000 rank also got a seat in ADARSHA. That was because there was delay in including ADARSHA in the CET seat matrix. Now more than 2000 PUC students of nearby areas have all visited ADARSHA campus and are impressed by the faculty, Infrastructure, excellent results, very attractive fee structure and the scholarships that await them. They all want to enter ADARSHA as one of their top options. So a student should have a decent CET rank, say within 20000, to get into ADARSHA in 2014. 

My CET rank is more than 20000. I am interested in ADARSHA. How to get into ADARSHA?

You can immediately book your seat under Management quota in ADARSHA. The fee per year is only Rs. 65000 till 30/06/2014. It is Rs. 75000 per year from 1/07/2014. It is same fee whether your choice is Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication, or Mechanical Engineering. In case you get ADARSHA under CET quota, you are charged only CET fee and the excess amount paid is refunded. If you wait for CET counseling to be over and then approach for a Management seat in ADARSHA, you are likely to be disappointed, as most of the Management seats are already filled up. So join immediately in Management quota and rest assured that if you get through CET, you pay only CET fee.

If I could not get ADARSHA under CET, what are my chances under COMED-K?

Definitely, the chances are very good under COMED-K. But, it is wiser to get admitted under Management quota immediately, as the fee up to 30/06/2014 is only Rs. 65000 per year in Management quota compared to Rs. 75000 per year under COMED-K.

How about hostel facility?

Hostel facility for boys is outside the campus, with resident warden. For girls also, it is outside campus, with resident warden. The college bus will pick up and drop the hostellers to the hostel free. The approximate cost per year for hostel facility is Rs. 55000.

I am from a poor family. But I am keen on studying Engineering at ADARSHA. How can you help me?

Our motto is \'Affordable Quality Education\'. Thus, first of all, our fee structure even under COMED-K and Management quotas are quite affordable. In spite of that, if you find it difficult to pay the fees, we can assure you loan from a nationalized bank for your entire study at ADARSHA. You are required to repay the loan after you get your degree and you are employed in easy monthly installments over a 10 year period. This way your poor parents are not burdened. It hardly takes about a week for the loan sanction after the student gets admission to ADARSHA.

I was thinking if scholarships can help solve my financial problem ..

We provide scholarship to every student joining ADARSHA. The amount varies from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 500 per year. In addition, we provide information about various scholarships to which the student can apply like Govt. of India merit scholarship, Jindal scholarship, various community scholarships etc.

What about Placement for ADARSHA students?

No need to worry about placements even if you had less than 60% marks in Pre University once you are admitted to ADARSHA! Your goal should be to study well and secure a minimum of First class B.E. degree. We provide assured placements for all such students. Go through Placement Report for details. 

For any other clarification feel free to contact by email on or over mobile number 98440 01191.